Monday, 14 November 2016

Trump supporters are Fascists

So many of them complained that under Obama white working class lost ground to other groups.  That is a fascist lie.

White unemployment level dropped and was always lower than Hispanic and Black, and whites suffered far less from the 2008 collapse.

White life expectancy remained higher than black, with white females have the longest life expectancy.  Black life expectancy has grown faster but it still lags about 10 years behind white.

Whites are profoundly richer than blacks.

There was no economic or social motivation for rural whites to go for Trump, this was an election of racism and nothing else.  It is a sad reflection on America, but the GOP since Nixon and Reagan have become the racist party, and in 2016 they became the first fascist party in power in the USA.

God help us all, but there is no God.

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