Monday, 21 November 2016

Speaking ot a dead father about Trump

My father didn't vote for Trump because he was dead, but he would have.  My family, after the death of my brilliant grandmother, is a jumble of semi-coherent stubborn racists idiots, who just accept false news and live in their own White Nationalist bubble.  Sadly most of white America has regressed to this fascist state.

My father, not a bright man by any means, did like to talk and as a manager (overseer) who spent his life dealing with Hispanic and black workers had some patience.

He was someone you could talk to, a trait no surviving member of my family has.

I failed to talk him out of investing all his retirement money in his Telco during the dot bomb, I failed to talk him out of Bush, I failed to talk him out of hating Obama, and I would have failed to talk him out of Trump.

But unlike my mother an brother, dullards of the first order, he would have listened. 

What I would have said is that beyond the fact that this man Trump is clearly utterly unprepared as a person, and unfit as a human, was that he clearly lacked respect for humanity.  He saw disabled people as jokes open for humiliation, he was Hispanics as rapists, Syrian children fleeing gas, barrel bombs and Russians as terrorists. 

The man was unchristian, he was booed by Catholic bishops and cardinals, it would be a mortal sin against humanity to vote for him.

It would not have worked.  In the end my father was a deep hypocrite, an utter liar who would talk rational sometimes only to engage in deep emotional tantrums on race and hatred.

I would try to bully him on the Russians, on how he voted for Reagan to stand up to the Russians only to have someone linked to Putin running in the GOP.  That might have worked, he might have voted libertarian, but I doubt it.

The sad reality is I see now that the community I grew up in, working class white semi-rural America is a lost cause and its a good thing they are not reproducing, that they are getting addicted to pain killers and meth.  There is no hope there, it is a simple matter of evolution.

The vast part of un-educated America belongs to a different climate, a colder climate full of Empires and primitive worlds, where there was no competition.  A world of Unions and Large Companies that made them stand for 8 hours as they slipped in sips of beer.

Like the Russians, the British and the Japanese there is no future for this group of people, their culture, their DNA and values are a waste. 

We need to take a long term perspective, history is full of people who no longer exist.  Show me a Hun, a Roman, a Aztec; peoples vanish, their DNA is scattered, their culture is replaced and their language is modified.  This is how history and biology work, and with Trump its time to see that the only hope for the world is the extinction of much of the white race in America.

Lets hope that time, cigarettes, processed food, bad healthcare, oxycontin and TV do the work of firing squads, I would hate to see people get their hands dirty.

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