Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hate crimes are pretty one way

As always the US media is trying to play fair.  Not content to have essentially elected Trump by refusing to call him out early, reporting of the massive spike of White Nationalism that drove Trump is trying to reach and find cases where Trump people are the victim.

Alert everyone.  Being a Trump supporter is not the same as being black.  There is one case where its possible that the victim was attacked for being white, though he did not deny supporting Trump.  In the other cases the victims were Trump supporters.  Attacking people who join racist and fascist movements is probably just, if not fully legal.

On the other hands blacks, Hispanics and Muslims are being attacked for no other reason than being who they are.

It has to be made clear, if someone wears a Trump hat or worked for Trump they get what they deserve, and that includes killing.  It is just to oppose fascists to any extent.  Its not legal and I would not advice anyone attack someone who voting Trump, but I would say that even though what they do is criminal and will result in time in jail or the death sentence, it is still just.

Put more simply the only reason not to attack anyone who voted Trump is simply to keep the rule of law going.  The hope is that this fascist nightmare can be ended without open civil war, that the white race in America, generally fat, old and racist, will die out in time and America can emerge from this.

But any Trump support who is attacked is not a victim, they got what they deserved.

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