Thursday, 10 November 2016

Thank you cancer

Thank you cancer

Thank you cancer
for turning my father from a bloated man
to a bloated corpse
before he could drop another vote
for averting one great sin of a father
that could be visited upon this son

for giving me one less link of DNA to that ocean of hate
to those minstrel shows he would perform for the family
drawing characters from the humans who had to work under him in hot warehouses
or the lectures about how climate impacts culture
or how the dark people breed so much and care not for their children
or never punishing me for saying ‘niggers and spics’
but punishing me for smoking pot

Without cancer all of that hatred would still produce karma on me
thank you cancer for exploding out of his white bones and tearing through his white skin
for turning his chest of hatred into a mouldy mass of black cottage cheese
for a little justice with execution
and please, dear beloved cancer
work rapidly to clear more of these monsters
i offer my own body to you

if you can clear North America of the white master race

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