Thursday, 15 September 2016



This morning the short girl from Naples who works at the café I go to came back from some vacation or something.  I don't know where she was.  I might have a crush on her, its hard to tell. 

When I saw her I said, with a smile:
'O Sole Mia'

The song that ice cream truck driven by the old Cypriot Greek plays day in and day out when its warm in London.  As the globe warms I hear it more and more. And she smiled, really smiled like she was about to laugh a good laugh.

And then I was a bit taken with myself having flirted in the Naples dialect with an Italian, and then I felt like a silly old man having been taken with myself for having flirted in the Naples dialect with an Italian, and then I felt kind of touched by myself feeling like a silly old man who I flirted with a pretty short young Italian girl. It goes on and on.

But my question for UKIP, for the BNP and for everyone who voted BREXIT really, precisely what evil did I do flirting in Italian in London to a young short Italian who is too young and too short for me?  What crimes did she carry in those tight black pants, darting around the crowded café cleaning up after lazy people trying to hide from the terrible sun of global warming?

Why is it that people who share the same sun can't share London, when the sun is brutal and angry with us?

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The great threat of boredom

England where I live, used to be a very nice place.  Free healthcare, low crime, people got along.

That what back during the Labour years, up till and even through Iraq.  People protested Iraq in a good natured civil way, kind of a carnival really.

Then came the last 5 years, especially the last year; essentially the age of Eton, and since that time I have seen everything rapidly falling apart.

People now openly hate each other,  they are talking about ending Notting Hill Carnival, the Prime Minister essentially rules as a South American dictator.  The nation is become mean, even the left is now scary.  I mean if you change from Labour to Tory you might sell your soul, but no one is going to threaten your life for opposing the current leader.

Over the ocean, it calls as it has called people tired of  England for centuries: Spain and Italy, insanity infused with joy, violence with blood.  You call me in my sleep, you have not yet fallen like old England to the fascist poison of boredom.

Pictures from my second show in 2016

Maybe, just maybe it was too busy but I had lots of fun and sold some work.  Now they put me in the window by the way.  I am her showing my evolving masterpiece.
The book folds out into a long scroll.

The scroll shows the history of the universe, well my history of the Universe.  As you can see I am covered in two shirts of books I have made.

Me showing the scroll at an earlier show.

And me showing the piece earlier, I am still working on it and how to show it publically early next year. 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

My most recent show in Brick Lane Gallery, fun

Brilliant crowd,  I will have to remember to link to artists.  You can see me showing my passports, an ongoing project where I make passports.

Thank you Amoke for representing my work, especially showing the passports.  Found her at the last minute, she did greater than great, and did work in French as well!

Brick Lane London is the place to be for the EU's art scene might I say, and I am very lucky because of a great support team from my wife to be showing where art is happening. 

Somebody takes a picture of my work

And the picture closest to us, the one under the Liz Taylor picture sold.  This is my third show and I have already made 5 sales so I have been pretty happy with that.

Wonderful new friends from Singapore we had the pleasure to meet on a train in Belgium.