Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Indiana Jones knows (a poem on Fascism of all things)

Indian Jones knows
White savior narrative in film
Its it all the four movies
You can work with the Commies
Indie can work with the strange religious cults
But you can only kill fascists

You kill them in their beds
You drop fire on them from the sky
You spend your young killing them
You waste your nation killing them

Indian Jones knows
they have already damned themselves
God has cursed them
everywhere they show themselves
you must chase them down
you must kill them

You can not turn your back on a fascist
Their smiles are arrays of teeth
Their promise are Carbon Dioxide gas
Their skin is only for burning
They are only here to be killed

You kill the child in its bed with its mother
You kill the injured coming home to rest with their lover
You kill the old people struggling to find food
You kill the new lovers kissing under a tree
You kill the priests waiting in a train station
You drop bombs on them that break down to the cellar
You burn the air away from children and mothers

Nothing they do is to be kept alive
Indian Jones knows
the entire fascist state is damned
his father knows
everyone knows
most of all they know
they have already turned their backs on life
they are fascists

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