Thursday, 2 June 2016

Why I quite Quora

It seems the Quora administrators have decided to censor a number of my posts.

One was a discussion with someone who claimed that Germany, despite having a low birth rate and a growing pension time bomb, simply could not accept Muslim migrants because, well because.  Because they were 'different', and it was just rational to let German demographics creep to extinction rather than try to integrate people who can't be integrated because they are...well because.

It seems Quora has a problem with calling a person like this a racist.

It also seems that in a discussion with Any Rand Objectivists someone, a fan of Ayn Rand, tagged my posts as not showing community spirit, in not falling over myself to be nice.

The idiocy of that goes without saying.

Then I had an answer down voted for being rude.  Seems that calling people who said that Gore was no different than Bush idiots is some kind of evil, I was told to reword it.  I don't know, retarded, mindless shit fucks, brain dead, take your pick.

I count that as three strikes and took great joy in deleting my Quora account.

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