Saturday, 4 June 2016

Advice to a Fresh Person

If money's gain is all you is all you see
don't late moan you fate to me
for friends you make in service of career
will coldly turn upon you suddenly from the rear
and as Good Will did say:
'To your own self be true'
and never sell a pinch of what is truly you

And when you walk keeps eyes upon your feet
but smiley directly to all you meet
the body must treasure and protect the things things that matter most
the beauty, health and composition of the host
And always think a good things every day
and do one good thing every week in some warm but modest way
and nightly count the totals of all good and bad you do
And always know each new day to be a life anew

Deleted line

for smiles that never touch the heart
are poor campaigns from the start

I think those two lines are kind of trite, or is the entire thing trie?

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