Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The great threat of boredom

England where I live, used to be a very nice place.  Free healthcare, low crime, people got along.

That what back during the Labour years, up till and even through Iraq.  People protested Iraq in a good natured civil way, kind of a carnival really.

Then came the last 5 years, especially the last year; essentially the age of Eton, and since that time I have seen everything rapidly falling apart.

People now openly hate each other,  they are talking about ending Notting Hill Carnival, the Prime Minister essentially rules as a South American dictator.  The nation is become mean, even the left is now scary.  I mean if you change from Labour to Tory you might sell your soul, but no one is going to threaten your life for opposing the current leader.

Over the ocean, it calls as it has called people tired of  England for centuries: Spain and Italy, insanity infused with joy, violence with blood.  You call me in my sleep, you have not yet fallen like old England to the fascist poison of boredom.

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