Saturday, 3 September 2016

My most recent show in Brick Lane Gallery, fun

Brilliant crowd,  I will have to remember to link to artists.  You can see me showing my passports, an ongoing project where I make passports.

Thank you Amoke for representing my work, especially showing the passports.  Found her at the last minute, she did greater than great, and did work in French as well!

Brick Lane London is the place to be for the EU's art scene might I say, and I am very lucky because of a great support team from my wife to be showing where art is happening. 

Somebody takes a picture of my work

And the picture closest to us, the one under the Liz Taylor picture sold.  This is my third show and I have already made 5 sales so I have been pretty happy with that.

Wonderful new friends from Singapore we had the pleasure to meet on a train in Belgium. 

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