Friday, 15 July 2016

Reflections on London after Brexit

Since that time
every day
I have turned my face away
hidden behind paper masks of fools
now suddenly we are machines marchining
our hearts our cut away
of what a terrible ugliness is aborted
what a long history is suddenly distorted

Its now the age of the impotent man
who looks at the Italian or Polish beauty with lust for beer and sport
the smell of death is everywhere now
right, left, above, below
the panic is creeping in now
even inside the old english cow
the pram pushing sow
and it make one wonder how
the fascist face of this place
was hidden up to now

English is the summer is ugly
the endless rain
causes me tooth pain
it hurts my lovers back

but now the thing you see
is the fear
everywhere the fear
don't use a black cab with a white driver
don't go inside a rough looking pub
whisper to the girl who sell you pickles
that she is welcome here
my god its like the nazis finally got here

Fuck it all
it might not be safe to say
in girl blood soaked england today
that I love the hard work honest family here have done
and I want them all to stay.

I hate you now London like I never hated any face before

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