Thursday, 28 July 2016

Reading is the fundemental practice of being.

My point is simple, in reading we are distilling the most basic practice of existing as a conscious being in a strange reality.

We don't understand time, but we have an emerging idea that we live in a massive stateless blog, but that the reality behind this 3D blob is a 2D reality of information.  That the 3D universe we experience is the casting of this 2D universe.

That we experience of flow of time through a pre-existing blog of the Universe.  That this flow of time comes about via line of entropy.

And what is a book?

A book is a 3D object, a block of reality.

But what is the subjective reality of a book, what is reading.

We confront a 3D block that exists and find that at core its 'reality' is really a 2D surface.  That each of us in our own imagination constructs a 3D world via exposure to this 2D surface, one that flows in a direction of broken bindings, torn pages, yellowing pages, and coffee spills.  A book will only take so many readings, many of my favourite books are falling apart.

So is not reading enacting in a mindful state the fundamental reality of being?

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